Water Treatments

Water Treatment

The first step in the water treatment process is its analysis at the point of origin.  We provide this service.

Two different types of analysis are available.


The physico-chemical analysis will reveal the physical and chemical characteristics of the water, namely its hardness, its iron and manganese concentration and it ph.  We can complete such analysis right on site with a water sample you provide us in a clean content.  Such an analysis is recommended yearly.

The bacteriological analysis is run exclusively by an accredited laboratory.  The water specimen for this analysis needs to be taken in a special sterile bottled available at our store, with specific collection instructions to be followed.  Le Ministère de l’environnement du Québec recommends to conduct an analysis of your water in the spring and the fall and when a change of color, clarity, odor or taste is observed.  Regulation on ground-waters collecting calls for a bacteriological analysis on any new water well.

Once the required information is gathered, we are in a position to recommend the appropriate treatment system, knowing that a system is based on two important variables:

  • The knowledge of the properties and characteristics or your water at source
  • The determination of your needs and requirements with regard to consumption.



We have access to a full water treatment product line in order to address any water problem.  Our fully automatic and electronic systems are of easy maintenance and can meet domestic, commercial and institutional requirements.  We use only ANSI / NSF components. (American National Standards Institute, NSF International)


  • WATER SOFTENER ensures economy, comfort and well being
  • IRON-OX brings the solution to the elimination of iron, etc.
  • PLUS: two units in one; eliminate iron and soften water
  • OCR, filter / conditioner effective to eliminate tannin and organic color
  • 50/50, filter / conditioner effective to eliminate tannin and hardness
  • OXY-PLUS, filter / conditioner to eliminate iron, manganese and sulphur
  • More filters and conditioners are also available
  • Controls (standard or electronic) are easy to use.
Water Treatments

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Aqua-Montérégienne offers a water purified by reverse osmosis. This process gives a great purity to our bottled water by removing minerals and chemical products that are bad for your health.

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